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Welcome to Projects Rock! This site is dedicated to sharing experiences, practices, process templates, and even some spicy comments gleaned from 29 years working as a Project & Program Manager., and Operations Manager. Essentially, disseminating the difference between science (theory) and art (practice): there is indeed a method to all this madness! 

My story

Like everyone; we gotta start somewhere! 

My story starts as a young graduate fresh out of University, with my first ‘real job’. Project Management seemed so serious then; PERT charts, gantt charts, reams and reams of documentation. Did I have to read everything, and why did everyone act like it was so important? Of course I had no exposure managing multinational projects while I was a teen (thinking I knew everything ;)). My biggest challenge at the beginning was understanding how everything fit together. 

I had no idea what I didn’t know!

Fast forward two decades. Gained a lot of air miles, and worked with many organizations to put their projects ‘back on the rails’. The most important part of this is how all of this pertains to you: most likely speed and/or efficiency is of the essence. Management usually has a clear idea of what they want to see; but not always the best way to make it happen. Remember; they were there as the issues developed and did not fix it then 😉 As I said earlier there is a method to the madness, and putting the focus on what’s most important is critical to gain trust so that your recommendations and plans are supported, and defining the buy-in by Management required during implementation. 

I want to scream from the rafters and say no Project is perfect! Perfection is not required to make a project successful. Nor is following theory, or a cookie-cutter approach. Some would argue ‘a project is a project’; but you don’t always have the same people in those projects so I would argue that always makes it different! A project is as unique as a snowflake. A sound project management process will always guide an experienced PM on what needs to be done; but varying the approach during implementation is key. 

 It’s my pleasure to pay it forward

There were many times during my project career path I could have used some guidance, even if I chose a different path or pursued my own way! The Project Manager’s path can be lonely, because who are you going to ask for advice when you’re expected to know everything, right? Yeah. No.

I have had the privelege of working with many excellent colleagues, peers, and Managers; even if I didn’t always agree with them 😉 I realized early on that if I listen carefully, I can learn a lot. My goal is to share that with you. It would be an honor to serve you in any project-related way I can.

 Goal for this Site:

This site, and all opinions expressed are based on my experiences. The blogs are dedicated to offering any guidance I can to help support you to be the best you can be in a career as a Project Manager; because projects truly rock!

To your success, and every challenge YOU face that can only make you better if you allow it,


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